Wednesday, November 17, 2010

100% over time

Most people never realize just what they are capable of. Its not that I think I can do everything, its just that I know that with enough time, dedication and energy I can accomplish any goal.

I walked downstairs this evening to see my son watching Forest Gump, and I thought to myself: You know, there was a guy who threw himself into what he as doing. He didn't care how long it took, how much other people thought it sucked, or how hard the task at hand seemed to be. Here is someone who may not have been the brightest guy in the world, but whatever it was that he was doing, he was there 100% and he succeeded.

Don't give me that bullshit about how thats Hollywood for you. Theres something to be said about that kind of mentality. Give 100% to what you are doing and you will be pleasantly surprised by the outcomes. It is amazing what you will receive and what paths will open up to you if you are 100% present in the moment.

So try it. Go out there and give something 100% Whether it be your job you love or a goal, dream or aspiration you wish to accomplish. Don't worry about timelines and schedules, just do it. I bet you find yourself with a favorable outcome in the end.

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