Alex is a Father of two boys who spends a large amount of time with his head in technology.

A software engineer by trade and a geek by nature, he enjoys reading about the latest developments in science, technology, and business trends. He has been known to take things apart just for the hell of it, and every once and a while even manages to get those things back together.

If something is broken Alex enjoys nothing more than trying to fix it. Of course that could have something to do with his dislike of spending money on something new. To say that Alex has been called thrifty a few times would be an understatement.

Health and Exercise have become very important to Alex since he graduated from college. With a graduating weight topping 320 pounds, he has since managed to bring his weight down to around 160 where it has been for the past decade. During that time Alex learned the importance of health, nutrition, exercise and yoga.

Some years ago Alex was dragged into a climbing wall by his youngest child. His child loved the wall and even though Alex was afraid of heights he kept at it. Years later, and hundreds (thousands? damn expensive hobbies) in shoes and gear later, he can't imagine it ever not being a part of his life.