Thursday, September 19, 2013

Gym Etiquette 101 or How not to be an Ass at the gym

I know when you pay for a service you feel entitled to certain benefits, but here are a few things at the gym that I have PERSONALLY witnessed that I feel are just unacceptable behaviors. Bottom line is, everyone's time is valuable, and we are all trying to keep up our intensity. So let's be mindful of our fellow gym members.

Rack Your Weights

You would think this one would be self evident, but apparently some people feel that they work *SO* hard that picking up their weights after they're done is just too much. Or maybe they feel that the gym staff is there to pick up after them, like Mommy used to. Look if you don't want to pick up after yourself, please get a home gym. This is an area for all of us. We're all busy and we all get tired at the end of our sets if we're doing it right. Cleaning up after yourself is just common fucking courtesy.

Wipe Down Sweaty Equipment

Do I really need to explain this one? I mean look I get tired after running for 10 miles too, and I sweat profusely! But you know who doesn't like to be covered in your sweat? Anyone else! So please take a moment and wipe up after yourself...

It's a Workout Buddy, not Workout Buddies

I guess I could understand three people doing a workout together, but anymore than that and split it the fuck up! I've seen 4 guys standing around a bench watching a fifth guy do a set. It just looks weird, creates a crowding around other (unused) equipment and quite frankly totally decreases the intensity you could otherwise create in your workout.

The Gym is not a Social Club

If your tongue is getting more of a workout than any other muscle, you are doing it wrong. It's perfectly fine to have gym friends or a workout partner, but the reality is that when you are on the gym floor you should be there to work! Not to be seen, heard or gossip... You can always chat AFTER your workout. Preferably off the floor in the locker room, in the lobby or outside.

Wear Proper Attire

I'm not going to dignify this one with an image. You know what I'm talking about. Certain clothing just gets in the way, and certain clothing is literally worn just to scream "LOOK AT ME!" You should be there to work not make a fashion statement or "get noticed".

Personal Hygiene

You are going to the gym. You are going to work hard. You are going to stink afterwards. But you know what lets try to minimize the offense to all of our olfactory senses and not go into the gym smelling like we just got out of a manure field. I'm not saying to take a shower before you go, but clean clothes and a couple of wet wipes go a long way.

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