Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Corporations claiming religious exemptions

I am all for religious tolerance and letting people believe what they want to believe, but quite honestly the most recent Supreme Court ruling regarding Hobby Lobby is ridiculous. Due to the Citizens United ruling, where Corporations were basically given free speech rights, and now we have a situation where Corporations can claim Religious Exemptions? What the hell is this world coming to?

What about the rights of the individuals who work for these companies? What about their right to make decisions? Corporations seem very quick to tell the Government to stay out of their decisions, but seem to have no problem essentially telling their employees that they are making decisions for them.

If Corporations want so badly to be considered People how about we start giving them the full extent of that. You know like if they're products kill someone the entire entity is seized by the Government and liquidated (You know like a corporate death penalty) instead of a semi meaningless fine (I'm looking at you GM)? 

The reality is this all comes down to dollars and cents. If a company doesn't have to pay for something then they won't. If they can use a "religious exemption" to gain a competitive advantage over their competition they sure as hell are going to do that. That's capitalism, its how Corporations operate.

So since this all really comes down to their bottom lines I'm going to hit back the only way that I as an individual can. I will no longer support these companies with my dollars and cents. With that in mind I will be keeping an eye out for companies that are claiming this exemption and I will be boycotting them. I will keep an open list here. Please feel free to send me a comment of companies to add to the list.

The List
Eden Foods
Tyndale House
Freshway Foods

There appears to be a hashtag about it on Twitter (#boycottedenfoods)

Looks like there seems to be at least a little bit of action happening on this matter. Eden Foods appears to be suffering from a little backlash. However its important to note that until companies like Whole Foods and other retailers get involved this is not going to hit Eden Foods that hard.


  1. I couldn't agree with you more, Alex! I'm too am beyond tired of corporate personhood with no responsibility and no accountability.

    1. At least there seems to be some kind of growing backlash against some of these behaviors, but its frustrating that they have to be grass root.